10 Marvel Heroes Who Have Fire-Based Superpowers


The fans who have really enjoy debates on which powers will suit them most often use earth, air, water, or fire as a way of description of their personalities. Those who are passionate about the heat of flame are described as expressive and dynamic.

Those who possess fire-based superpowers in the comic books are eternally burning, and they vary in in intensity from one hero to another.

Tucker Chet Markus at Marvel.com has now compiled a list of fire heroes and wrote about what exactly makes them threatening.

A few heroes range from human beings who can control nearby flames and others who have the ability to create fire and then we have those who can transform hellish incarnations from the infernal pit.

A popular pick is a mutant who has made her way into Marvel’s comic book universe after 13 years. Her powers emanate with the aid of a winged cosmic entity which makes her a terrifying practitioner of the flame.  You can guess who right?

The list celebrates fire-based heroes, villains, and anti-heroes.