Dynamite Alert-Michael White Has Just Teased A ‘Black Dynamite Sequel’ For 2018


Star, producer and writer, Michael Jai White has taken to social media and dropped a tease for a future project, which included the phrase “Black is Back.” This clip means that Black Dynamite 2 is on its way.

White will reprise his role in Round 2, and this movie had premiered at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival in 2009. It had been heralded for skewering the old school blaxploitation films.

The character, a Vietnamese veteran returns home and joins the CIA and then quit in order to help in cleaning up the streets of his town with after this younger brother is killed. He uncovers a conspiracy to sell malt liquor in the black neighborhoods. The alcohol contains a chemical that can shrink people’s ‘packages.’ This conspiracy takes him to the White House, where Black Dynamite gets into a battle with President “Tricky” Dick Nixon.

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Black Dynamite had then been adapted as an animated series with a lot of actors from the movie had provided voices for the characters. This animation had been handled by the very same production house which was behind The Boondocks. This series ran for 2 seasons on Cartoon Network.

Scott Sanders had teased a few plans for a Black Dynamite sequel, but they had not come through. Sanders then said that they had hoped to start shooting by 2012, but this was before the animated series took off.

Whether this movie is in its planning stage or in production, all fans can do is, “stay tuned” for future announcements.