Disney’s TV show strategy is apparently based on two well-known principles: 1. People love the nostalgia of the 90s, and 2. People love hockey. While one of those might be less compelling than the other, but, the attraction of content which released over 20 years ago is powerful enough to make Disney and ABC consider reviving their family sports comedy titled The Mighty Ducks for the Television, for streaming networks, as reported by THR. THR also hastily added that this is all at an early planning stage, and no pilot script is readied, but, it is likely.

The project is being revived by the original screenwriter of the trilogy Steven Brill and the original producer Jordan Kerner. Brill is going to write the pilot script for ABC Signature, and if Disney likes it, the show based on the underdog ice skaters will be packaged to streaming services at a later date. As of now, none of the original cast members are associated, and we have no information on whether it will be a continuation or a reboot, but, in our opinion, a reboot will be a better option.

The Mighty Ducks was a major Disney franchise in the 1990s. The first movie releasing in 1992 featured Emilio Estevez as a high flying alcoholic attorney who is forced to do community service by coaching the weakest hockey team in the league. It was truly a real Bad News Bears on ice scenario, but, it struck a chord with audiences and resulted in a 1994 sequel which showed the Ducks participate in Olympics (it was the year following Cool Runnings. Thus, Olympics were a big thing), and another movie followed in 1996 where the Ducks went to a preparatory boarding school. That was the real case with them; they were forever underdogs.

The Mighty Ducks was so successful that Walt Disney Company set up a professional NHL team in 1993 called The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, and even created a crazy cartoon series in 1996 based on a hockey team playing alien ducks who had descended on Earth and battled evil dragon aliens, alongside being a part of the actual Anaheim hockey team. The concept was extremely weird, but, people watched it.