Revealed: The Second Post-Credit Scene of Wolverine In Marvel Comics!


There have been promises from Marvel Comics in the past related to including Wolverine at the post-credits of a few major comic book storylines in 2018. Now, the wandering revived Earth-616 Logan has once again surfaced.

He was seen in The Mighty Thor #703, featuring Jane Foster and the unfortunate incident of her declining health.

Jane Foster became Thor and was revealed as the person who wielded Mjolnir, after a large number of fan guesses. In the absence of the magical hammer, her breast cancer has now become life-threatening.


Wolverine is spotted in a hospital,  talking to the doctor and handing over a flower bouquet, asking to ensure that the bouquet is delivered to Jane.

“Fans have been speculating about Wolverine’s whereabouts since he first reappeared in Marvel Legacy #1—and the Marvel Universe is left just as unaware!” SVP and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort said in relation to the initial announcement about the post-credit scenes. He further said “So keep your eyes peeled as Canada’s favorite citizen makes his presence felt in titles all across the Marvel line! It’s all leading to something—but what?”

The first post-credits scene of Wolverine appeared in Captain America #679 when he approached a bartender to query if he had seen a  “tall, beefy blond guy” which was an obvious reference to Thor. He will next be seen after the storyline of Amazing Spider-Man #794, which goes on sale on January 24th. All these post-credit scenes will result in Wolverine becoming a part of the Infinity Countdown. The Mighty Thor#703 is now available at your local comic book stores.