Chris Hemsworth Playing An Australian Tour Guide In The New Dundee Trailer?


The under-wraps Dundee reboot cast has just been bolstered by Chris Hemsworth joining Danny McBride and Paul Hogan. It is not yet known as to what exactly are we looking at, but, the mere premise has confused and angered a lot of people. During a recent interview with People Magazine, Paul Hogan stated that he was trying to find a novel way to revive the Crocodile Dundee franchise and the official website makes it appear to be a legit film scheduled to release this summer. But, right now is that time of the year when the mega Super Bowl commercials are created, and this might just be one huge setup.

Chris Hemsworth’s name has been added to the movie’s cast by Dundee website. A new clip shows him being introduced to Danny McBride who plays Brian Dundee, and he is not even sure whether he has got the right guy. As per the Dundee website, Hemsworth’s character is called Wally Jr., and he has inherited his father’s outback tour company. Further, he is an expert outdoorsman who is well-versed with almost everything that one needs to know about the Australian Outback. But, the character’s bio suggests that he might face issues in gelling with his friend.

Till now, the only thing we know is that Crocodile Dundee is stranded in the Australian Outback and his son Brian Dundee is out to find him. Brian is an American and quite like Kenny Powers from Eastbound and Down, which makes him an unsuitable guy to find his father in the Outback. Wally Jr. (Chris Hemsworth) will definitely have a lot to deal with, whatever it is that we are looking at.

A section of critics is wondering why this film is even needed, and they call the original series to be racist, sexist and homophobic. Then there are those who are flared about the project starring Danny McBride. Oddly enough, when the initial announcement of the project was made last week, a lot of people were confused why they needed to cast McBride when Chris Hemsworth was the obvious choice, but, that’s what makes it funny. It might not even be a real film; it just seems to be some huge Super Bowl LII advertisement considering the timing of all these clips being released.

Dundee doesn’t have any official release date, and the website only reads ‘Coming this summer.’ It is going to be interesting to find out what it ultimately turns out to be. In case it does happen to be a real film which was filmed secretly, it would be quite amazing that they managed to do it. Also, it might just be an elaborate setting for a Super Bowl commercial, which would still be as cool and may shut the critics up who were wondering who asked for Dundee in the first place. As of now, we are just waiting to see things unfold, and you can have a look at the new Dundee clip featuring Chris Hemsworth below, provided by the Dundee Movie YouTube channel.