Wednesday, January 29, 2020
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DC’s Hawkman Must Get A Redemption AT Arrowverse!

The Arrowverse has four different shows running, all of them at least into their third seasons or more, and with almost 20 plus episodes of each series, each season, thus, it has become a place where you can see a great deal of DC Comics characters. From the top rung to the nearly unknown, almost every character now gets a shot to be seen and become a favorite. That’s what happened to Wild Dog, Atom, and Firestorm, and it is only the beginning.

Yet, some of the characters which debuted in Arrowverse failed to replicate the popularity of their comic book counterparts. Some turned out to be weaklings, and others didn’t get explored properly. One such case was Carter Hall aka Hawkman, a character who was given only a much-hyped guest appearance in the debut season of Legends of Tomorrow. But, the time has come for the Arrowverse to re-introduce Carter and be fair to this live-action Hawkman.

It’s beyond doubt that Legends of Tomorrow is loved by fans and a show which for a lot of fans is the masterpiece of the Arrowverse. But, things were different earlier. In its early days, the series found it tough to get going. It was only when Season 2 arrived, and some changes were made to the cast that the series made its mark and rose in stature. Taking into account that Hawkman and his partner Hawkgirl, were central to a story of that poorly fairing season, a lot of people considered the character to be a weakness, the reason for the story to fail.

However, the truth is that Carter didn’t have much of a role on Legends. He was just a plot point and nothing more. He came to provide information to Hawkgirl, and after his purpose was done, he was bumped off. Later on, to try and create a love-triangle, another version of Hawkman was displayed for a few episodes, before he exited the series completely. The character was never given its due prominence, or scope to have a meaningful bonding with the other characters.

In the comic books, we see Hawkman come back recently in a grand fashion in the multiverse event Dark Nights: Metal. Led by the creative duo of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, Hawkman is undergoing some sort of reincarnation, and although it is not known what his fate will be after this event, it is significant to know how he has become so prominent. Fans have always liked the character and considering that he is central to this DC event, it means that he is once again attracting the attention he deserves.

This also makes it a great opportunity for Arrowverse to benefit from that prominence, and revive Hawkman. Falk Hentschel has been a good actor in the role, and he certainly deserves another shot. Hawkman has a fantastic story, and it showed him to be present as early as the initial days of human existence, and also in the far corners of the space on his home planet of Thanagar. Above all, he also happened to be a key member of the Justice Society of America, where he had a fascinating and entertaining rivalry with Green Arrow.

Although the character has been linked to Legends of Tomorrow on TV, it doesn’t restrict his appearance to that series only. Rather, Hawkman would find it even better to return to Star City. His equation with the Green Arrow has been well explored in the comics, even though it was never touched or even suggested on the TV. Thus, the series based on Arrow would be apt to depict Hawkman.

We have already seen how Arrow is a training center for the constantly expanding new team of Oliver, Carter’s presence won’t be that difficult to portray. In fact, he might even facilitate Oliver to take a break from the team and undertake a superhero team-up journey. What would Carter’s comeback to Arrowverse mean? This would reintroduce the Justice Society of America. Because he has lived a number of lives over the years, it won’t be tough to show him as a member of the superhero team in the background of World War II. Now, in his reincarnated version, Carter might try to re-establish the team. There are already many of the JSA characters featured on Arrow. Thus, there is no better place than Star City to start with. He can find Mister Terrific, Wildcat and Black Siren there.

Carter Hall is a warrior who leads from the front; he is savage and optimistic. Although we have never seen these attributes of his character on Legends of Tomorrow, Arrowverse still has time to introduce the Hawkman that we all deserve. His story is based around rebirth. The time is perfect for him to once again take to wings. You may never know, this character might just lead to a full-scale spinoff show based on the Justice Society of America.