Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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The Justice League Blu-Ray Has Only One Deleted Scene

This is surely not what DC fans want to hear but it seems like the Blu-ray/DVD release of the latest Justice League will have just one deleted scene. The fans have been petitioning for the director’s cut of this movie since it had been released.

Although we will not see Zack Snyder director’s cut we do know that Warner Bros. has a lot of unused footage from this movie. The Walmart exclusive version of home video release is online, and the packaging says that it will contain one “bonus scene.”

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It may be that the Walmart release has one extra scene. This makes it clear that the director’s cut that the fans have wanted will not happen.

It is also possible that Warner Bros. may release a version of Justice League Blu-ray/DVD on January 30. They may then release a few “ultimate editions”. This is common with the big movies. Lucasfilm and Disney had done something like this with Star Wars: The Force Awakens and it had annoyed the fans. Since Justice League had been a massive let down for the studio at the box office, it would make some sense for them to try something like this.

This is speculative and we must note here there will be a lot of things from Justice League that we may never see.

You can see the Walmart box art for Justice League, Blu-ray below.