Watch This Fan-Made Movie Of Joseph Gordon-Levitt As The Nightwing


If you are a fan who watched The Dark Knight Rises and then wanted to watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Robin Edward Blake become Nightwing, this fan-video will make you happy.

Using a few footage from Eyes Wide Shut, the Dark Knight movies, Spectre, Stryder HD has created a vision of Nightwing’s rise.

This trailer is framed by a voiceover of Dick Grayson with Dr. Jonathan Crane and this knocks it out of the Nolan-verse.

This trailer falls apart by the end. The action sequences draw footage from almost all over the place which even includes the Arkham video games, a few other Nightwing fan films and Nolan movies.

This is not the best fan movie but it also is not the worst. It is a beautiful fantasy for the fans who did not want Nolan’s trilogy to come to an end.

Matt Reeves is currently making a DCEU project, The Batman, and a Nightwing movie is one of the many projects that DC and Warner Bros. say that they have “in development.”