‘Family Guy’ Just Had Its 300th Episode: Peter Griffin Transforms Into Deadpool


Family Guy has gone the extra mile for its 300th episode and this included Peter Griffin turning into the Merc with a Mouth- Deadpool.

In this episode, a certain scene showed the patriarch go through a treatment that would give him powers. But Peter hot anal cancer, and wanted to become a hero and went by the name, “Red Stool”. Peter then explains what happened to him but he is attacked by mercenaries on a bridge and then, well, he goes into Deadpool mode.

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Peter spins in the air with guns and in the background, we can hear a version of “Angel in the Morning” being played. Unlike the original song, the Family Guy version of this song has the following lyrics: “Just call me anus of the morning, anus.”

Peter then tears apart the men and clips a few of them with bullets. He decapitated one man with two Katanas. The scene happens after Peter meets a person dressed as Boo-Berry. Him meeting this character, according to Peter is the best thing that happened to him after he went through the treatment.