Wednesday, June 26, 2019
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Another God of War Leak Seems To Hint At A March Release Date

There was a report that the God of War announcement date was imminent and it now seems like it may come sooner as more leaks are popping up. The latest source is from a Resetera and this shows many comparisons for validity. The date shown is a March 22nd launch time.


According to the post:

“Now, this may likely be a whole lotta nothing, but even if they were doing this based on general rumours they’d just place a “March 2018” date for it. Or even a more general “Spring 2018” like in the RDR2 example. It’s odd that they’d specifically use “March 22nd 2018″ for it, I’ve used their site for years now (literally since the PS2 days) and I can’t recall a single time they’ve used a wrong date on purpose (delays and logistical problems have happened of course, but they’re the 1st ones to inform their costumers of anything of the sort too), not when they book down a specific day at least.”

The producer told Weekly Famitsu that the release date announcement will happen and that was it. But this is not the first time that a March 22nd date was revealed.

As this news is yet to be confirmed by the developing team themselves, you can take this with a pinch of salt.