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10 Marvel Characters Who Destroyed Cap’s All-Powerful Shield

Captain America is the most famous superhero and is a symbol of patriotism and justice. His objective is to save the world and this gave him a lot of superhuman abilities and powers after he had been enhanced with the Super-Soldier Serum. He has the superpowers and the abilities to destroy rogues and his metal shield is what had fascinated us. His shield is made from vibranium, adamantium alloy, and steel and it protects the wielder from kinetic energies.


In X-Men: Days of the Future Past, we had seen how the US government dispatched Sentinels that had been prepared by a mad scientist in order to destroy the mutants and Wolverine came back to in time. In the comic books, mutants had been destroyed and a few of them knew Captain America. He decided to fight to them but stood no chance.

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In Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes season 1 finale, the Avengers wanted to attack Asgard. Loki used his magic and enhanced it with Odin force and then shattered Cap’s shield.

Gregory Stark:

In 2000, Marvel comics had launched Ultimate Marvel Universe. This introduced Gregory Stark, the older brother of Tony Stark. He was a member of Project Avengers. Cap’s shield in this universe was made of adamantium and Gregory Stark had orchestrated civil war. Here, Cap’s shield was broken.


King Hyperion (God Emperor) had ruled Earth in an alternate timeline. Hyperion wanted to conquer all the Earths in the multiverse. He as then met by Cap, but Rogers’ shield was cracked.


New York city was turned into a graveyard with superheroes being killed. Captain America sits near his broken shield. This happens in Age of Ultron limited series.

Doctor Doom:

Beyonder had transported heroes and villains from earth to Battleworld. Doctor Doom had powers of the Beyonder and turned into a Frankenstein monster. He then destroys the heroes and we can see Captain America’s broken shield.


In 1991’s The Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos gets all the infinity gems. During a fight with Captain America, Thanos simply crumbled the shield.


In Fear Itself #1, 2011 Serpent had been freed from an underwater prison by Red Skull’s daughter, Sin. He then fights Captain America and Iron Man in pursuit of Odin’s throne. Captain America throws the shield at him, but Serpent raises the shield and breaks it.

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Molecule Man:

He can control the multi-verse. He has fought Avengers in All the Ways of Power Story arc and smashed Cap’s shield


Other than King Hyperion, Namora has destroyed Captain America’s shield in mutant wars.