‘Wonder Woman’ Bags The Best Action Movie In Critics’ Choice Awards


Wonder Woman has taken home a lot of honor in the Critics’ Choice Awards.

The DCEU movie had won an award for Best Action Movie. Thor: Ragnarok, Baby Driver, Logan, and War for the Planet of the Apes were in this category.

The award is the movie’s second recognition during the Critics’ Choice Awards and with Gal Gadot took home her #SeeHer award for the positive female representation.

This is the newest award that the movie has received in this season. A “For Your Consideration” Oscar campaign is being launched by Warner Bros. and there is a high chance that it will not be the last one for this super-hit movie.

“When you’re making a movie it’s completely all consuming; there are many things you don’t have time to think about.” Jenkins had said in September.

“I certainly wasn’t thinking about the Oscars. It’s just not something you consider when you make these kinds of movies. I did the best that I could, but you kind of assume you’re not going to be considered for that kind of thing. But now, hearing that, I’m so flattered and stunned and super honoured to be in the awards conversation.”

Justice League is now playing in theaters. Aquaman (December 21, 2018), Shazam! (April 5, 2019), Wonder Woman 2 (November 1st, 2019), Cyborg (April 3, 2020) and Green Lantern Corps (July 24, 2020). are other upcoming DC movies.