13 Versions Of Spider-Man That You Did Not Know Existed


In a very recent post, comicbook.com had said:

“When someone talks about Spider-Man, they’re typically referring to Peter Parker. You know, the kid who was bitten by a radioactive spider, watched his uncle die in the street and swings around New York in a red suit.”

Spiderman has very much been a pop culture over 50 years and while many think of him as the boy from Earth-616 in a red and blue suit, there have been many more like Spider-men.

Miles Morales’s claim to this name will be set in stone when Sony Pictures Animation will begin promoting Christmas 2018’s, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Here is a list of all the wall crawling heroes in the “Spider-Verse”:

Spider-Ham (Earth-8311)

Peter Porker made his debut in Marvel Tails Presents: Peter Porker, The Spectacular Spider-Ham #1. Here, the hero started his life as a spider who then got bitten by a radioactive pig.

In spite of making an appearance in 1983, fans mistake Spider-Ham for Spider-Pig.

Spider-Gwen (Earth-65)

Her first appearance was in 2014 and was Gwedolyne Stacy’s alter ego. Here, Gwen gets powers from the spider-bite instead of Peter Parker. This universe includes versions of Lizard, Green Goblin and a symbiote suit, “Gwenom”.

The Spider (Earth-311)

This version first made appearance in Marvel 1602 by Neil Gaiman, Richard Isanove and Andy Kubert. Here, Peter Parquagh was an errand boy to Nicholas Fury. Fury was Queen Elizabeth I’s spymaster. Peter spends most of the series avoiding being bitten by spiders until the he is bitten by an arachnid that is full of energy from a temporal rift.

Spider-UK (Earth-833)

In this universe, Billy Braddock is Spider-Man and Captain Britain. He is the “only version that does not have a Spider-Sense. Until it had been decided that Braddock will be a member of Captain Britain Corps, Spider-UK’s design had played with an English punk rock motif.

Spider-Cat (Earth-999)

Spider-Cat was just a regular house cat who had developed powers after it was bitten by a bedbug which was infected by a Spider-Virus. His entire adventure took place in his dream where he had taken on Venom pigeons.

Mangaverse Spider-Man (Earth-2301)

Earth-2301’s Peter Parker is a part of the Spider Clan which is an enemy of Shadow Clan. After the death of Ben Parker, Peter was the last member of this clan. He then took Mary Jane as his apprentice and she took up the mantle of Spider-Woman. Parker was then back in action in the “Spider-Verse” event and became a member of Spider-Army which was led by Spider-UK.

Spider Ma’am (Earth-3123)

In #23 of What If, Aunt May was bitten by a radioactive spider. May Reilly-Parker gets her powers when Peter had forgotten his lunch and she then tracks him down where a radioactive spider bites her.

Powerless Peter (Earth-40081)

In Earth-40081, Peter is a high school student whose arm atrophied after a spider-bite. His aunt then puts him for therapy in order to cope with the disability. Peter then admits that we was pressured by Norman Osborn, to commit espionage at Stark Industries.

Spider-Man: India (Earth-50101)

Pavitr Prabhakar moves to Mumbai after a scholarship to study at a school. After being bullied by other kids, Pavitr is given powers of a spider by a yogi. He does not become Spider-Man until his uncle is murdered.

Supaidaman (Earth-51778)

Supaidaman is a Japanese Spider-Man TV series and ran for more than forty episodes during 1978 and 1979.

“Golden Sponge Cake” Spider-Man (Earth-51914)

While Spider-Man on Earth-51914 has the same powers like the Peter Parker who we know. The name “‘Golden Sponge Cake’ Spider-Man” comes from a salesmanship of the characters who says things like, “I love the golden sponge cake, cream filling” while describing their favorite weapon of choice or snacks.

Web-Man (Earth-57780)

Dr. Doom had cranked out a duplicate Spiderman by using his “Twin Machine” in Spidey Super Stories. Web-Man’s costume were the opposite of Peter Parker.

Doom’s aim was to make a Spider-Man with “all of Spidey’s powers… but none of Spidey’s goodness”. He made a second one as well, Webby-Two. The two versions had vanished when Spidey destroyed the mirror in Doom’s Twin Machine and foils the plots.

Spider-Man: Noir (Earth-90214)

Peter Parker of Earth-90214 was had been raised by an activist aunt and uncle, May and Be. When his uncle was murdered, Peter looks to journalist Ben Urich as his mentor. They then delve into the criminal dealings of The Goblin. Peter’s life then takes a turn when he is bitten by a spider. He passes out and wakes to learn that he was now super-powers. He puts together a suit which is based on Uncle Ben’s World War I airman outfit.