Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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We May Have Hope: A Zack Snyder Cut of ‘Justice League’ Exists

After Joss Whedon had come on board in order to help write and helm Justice League, many had assumed that the movie had gone through many changes before it hit the theaters. After having seen the movie, most fans have been clamoring to see the director’s cut.

While Warner Bros. had assured the fans that such a version did not exist, one of Snyder’s collaborators said that it, in fact, does exist and this has encouraged fans to demand that the studio releases it.

It is rumored that Richard Cetrone, who worked on all DC Films’ movie since Man of Steel had responded to the fans and confirmed that a “Snyder cut” does exist.

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Cetrone had this to say:

“Please pass along to your group my thanks for their passion in supporting Zack. Tell them I know for a fact that a Zack Snyder cut does exist and with the help of people like you and your group we can hopefully persuade WB to release it. Thanks again.”

Cetrone had supported a fan petition for this movie, though he clarified the reasons for posting it:

“So I probably should have written this when I put up this post, but I want to make it clear now,” Cetrone said. “I have nothing against Joss Whedon. I have worked with Joss on multiple projects and I think he is a great director and he’s very easy to work with. I also have enjoyed Danny Elfman’s music for years going back to Oingo Boingo. So I agree with the cause, but not everything the person who wrote out the petition is stating.”