Find Out Which Marvel “Chris” Is Hottest According To Ryan Reynolds


The Marvel Cinematic Universe has made the fans ask many questions, but not a question that is as imperative as the one that Ryan Reynolds had answered.

The question was, ‘which of the Marvel Chrises are the hottest: Hemsworth, Pratt, or Evans?’

Everyone’s taste is really different but Reynolds’ response was gluttonous as he compared the actors to ice cream.

The actor behind Deadpool had made mention of an added ingredient that fans pretty much failed to mention, making a celebrity sundae more complete.

He tactfully included all three actors on a dessert plate. Hemsworth (Thor), Evans (Captain America) and Pratt (Star-Lord) seem to find their place next to each another as ice cream scoops.

The actor included another Chris and said that he would ass “Pine” nuts as topping. Chris Pine, is not in the MCU but he played Steve Trevor (Wonder Woman) in DCEU.