We May Actually See A Crossover Of ‘The Orville’ And ‘Family Guy’


Seth MacFarlane’s Star Trek send-up The Orville may cross over with Family Guy, the animated comedy that he had created.

Family Guy, lampoons anything that becomes very successful in the pop culture. The Orville may be in the crosshairs of MacFarlane’s humor which is mostly self-referential. This may be canonical and the members of Family Guy may interact with the cast of The Orville.

“I sent the script on a slow boat [to approve],” executive producer Rich Appel said during FOX’s Family Guy panel at the Television Critics Association today. “But we end up live on the bridge of The Orville. We’ll see.”

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The Orville will return with a much longer season by next year but will not have 22 episodes. It may go into production later than fans may hope, because MacFarlane said that he wants to do a smaller number of great episodes.

MacFarlane was “remarkably unfazed” by the recent sale and said that he expects his work situation to remain the same working under Disney.

“I don’t expect it to change all that much,” MacFarlane said.

“Disney obviously is its brand,” he noted. “I don’t think a whole lot is going to change.”

When he had been asked if he felt anxious over the buyout affecting the Family Guy content, MacFarlane said, “I don’t.”

Disney chief, Bob Iger had reached out to MacFarlane and spoke about this deal, and they seem to have had a “very good” phone call. MacFarlane created Star Trek-inspired The Orville for Fox. This network renewed its sci-fi comedy -drama for its second season.