Watch Rick And Morty Ruining Everyone’s Favourite, Johnny Bravo Fan Movie


In the field of Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, it is unlikely for Johnny Bravo to cross paths with Rick and Morty. Over the past week, a Rick and Morty/Johnny Bravo video was released, and it did not play out in a normal way. Rick’s knowledge of fan movies seems to be catastrophic.

The YouTube channel, Blinky500 had released Chris R. Notarile’s Rick and Morty Ruin a Film, which is about a woman (Jessica Rae McClelland) and her fending off the advances of Johnny Bravo (Chris Boudreaux). Johnny’s actions are what we can call sexual harassment, but things are taken to a new level when Rick (John Atkins) and Morty (Nicholas Polley) enter the show.

The woman questioned whether her life was even real. This woman’s name is Cindy, and we will not include the adjective in front of her name. Rick Sanchez had a plan to get involved in this story, and he is not yet done.