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An Extended Trailer Of ‘Black Panther’ Reveals The Celebration Of African Culture

On December 25th, Marvel released the TV spot for Black Panther to fans in the U.S. The trailer had mentioned T’Challa’s home at length and Andy Serkis’s Klaw drew a comparison to the El Dorado. He had stated that the city of wealth had been pinpointed in South America.

The trailer goes deep into Erik Killmonger’s reasons for toppling the Wakandan throne. Killmonger’s upper body is full of marks of scarification, a process of scarring the tissues that are shared between a few African tribes.

According to Face2FaceAfrica, the purpose of scarification is a call to religion and ancestry. It is considered as a rite of passage. It is also a celebration of a person’s test of endurance.

Ryan Coogler had expressed his opinions on a scene that was not featured on the TV spot. The scene is a flashback of T’Challa talking to his father, T’Chaka. They were speaking in a dialect, isiXhosa.

“Realizing that we were going to have this film where a father and son talk to each other in this native African language in a superhero movie — it hit me for a moment. It was emotionally moving. That was a big one,” said Coogler.

The creative team has ensured that Wakanda is an authentic representation of African culture. The costume designer, Ruth E. Carter has worked really hard and gone into details to make the influences known.

An example is Carter looking to the Malian Dogon people for woodwork, architectural abilities, and astronomy. The vibe of Wakanda is to convey a blend of futuristic tradition.

Black Panther will release on February 16th, 2018.