An Uber Driver Declines Margot Robbie’s Party Invitation For The Last Jedi


Star Wars is a huge deal for many people, and J.J. Abrams has even compared this to religion. A Florida Uber driver had shown his devotion to the latest movie when he had declined an invitation from Margot Robbie to join them for a house party in Miami. He wanted to go for The Last Jedi with a few friends.

Robert Bregnsdal, the driver, started talking with Margot Robbie and her husband, Tom Ackerley on a ride to Miami Beach. The three of them had hit it off pretty well and Robbie had invited him to the party. In an interview, Bregnsdal said,

“(She said) ‘What are you doing now? Come with us to this house party! They are really nice people I think you’ll fit right in.’ She was so casual and normal, didn’t act stuck up or anything and was really chatty. I thought maybe it’s not her because she’s way too nice to be a big star.”

Robert Bregnsdal had said that he feels that they had invited him because he did not treat Robbie and her husband as though they were stars. He made small talk with them and he said that they spoke about her fondness of Smirnoff Double Blacks. Instead of joining them, Bregnsdal had decided to watch The Last Jedi.

The driver had admitted to catching flak from his girlfriend and friends. Bregnsdal had said that his friends teased him and this makes sense.

Bregnsdal said that he does not regret the decision. He said, “I don’t regret going to watch Star Wars with the lads at all. It was epic.”