Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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20 Epic Things You Need To Know About Thor And Loki

All Marvel fans will surely love the Asgardian brothers: Thor and Loki. They are just like how any brothers of our real world would be- Thor, being the one chasing justice and doing the right things, and Loki, the naughty one, who is always trying to get others in trouble and get out of the fire without getting burnt.

These two are the Norse Gods of Marvel comics. Thor, the God of Thunder and Loki, the God of Mischief are very powerful characters in the Marvel universe.

Here are 20 facts about Thor and Loki that will show you how powerful they are:

Loki’s Frost Giant Features!

Superhuman Strength!

The Strength!

Hawkeye’s Arrow!

Loki’s Speed!

Immense Agility and Reflexes!

Extreme Durability!

Superhuman Stamina!

Astounding Resistance!

Captivity To Live For Thousands of Years!

Son of Asgardian King!

Third Most Powerful Asgardian!

Strongest Asgardian Alive!

Superhuman Speed!

Contest of Champions!

Great Warrior!

Extremely Durable!

Healing Power!

Advanced Musculature!

Not Truly Immortal!