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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Marvel’s Ultimate Universe

Marvel Comics’ Ultimate Universe has made a return. The coda of Spider-Men II #5 saw Prime Miles Morales arriving on Earth-161.

It feels like ages, but it has just been 2 years since Ultimate Universe has been gone. The return may actually spell big huge things for Marvel Multiverse.

See You At The Crossroads

The Ultimate Universe had been created in 2001 in Ultimate Spider-Man #1. This issue had introduced a new and modern take on Spider-Man. This imprint was the creation of Chief Bill Jemas who saw ‘complex continuity’ as an obstacle to attracting new readers. Ultimate Spider-Man was a great success and it led to many more reinventions like Ultimate X-Men, and The Ultimates (The Avengers).

Titles like Ultimate X-Men rushed through introducing a lot of characters from the timeline and became hard to keep track of.

Ultimatum was their very first attempt at a reboot of the Marvel universe. This was a controversial storyline where a wave had battered Manhattan and characters were simply killed off.

“The Death of Spider-Man” sparked interest due to its introduction of Miles Morales.

This universe was then killed off completely before Secret Wars. Heroes from Earth-616 and Earth-1610 tried to ensure that their world was the last one standing but both were destroyed. But Doctor Doom saved small chunks of Manhattans of both the planets.

The Ultimate Universe had gotten a send-off from Mark Bagley and Brian Michael Bendis in Secret Wars miniseries Ultimate End.

I Will Survive

Ultimate Universe had been gone but many of its inhabitants survived in the end of Secret Wars. These characters found themselves with new lives in Prime Marvel Universe. Miles Morales and his cast had been transplanted into Earth-616. Miles has memories of living in another world, his friends and family do not know anything.

The Maker had survived and resurrected his Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Giant Man and Wasp and prepared to fight Galactus’ Ultimates. These characters exist in the Marvel Universe and have regained their memories. Jimmy Hudson, son of Wolverine had joined their X-Men and was ready to fight the new Marauders. The hammer of Ultimate Thor crossed all dimensions and had been wielded by Volstagg.

Due to the Spider-Men II #5, fans now know that Ultimate Universe is back again.

It is not clear if Marvel has plans for this new Ultimate Universe or if it is just a more ‘proper’ send off to Ultimate Universe.

The Makers

The Ultimate Universe’s return is due to the Future Foundation of Earth-616 who did not return to Prime Marvel Universe and had ventured into Multiverse with Molecule Man to bring back dead worlds. Franklin Richards then creates worlds which remains similar across the multiverse.

We had seen Franklin and Valeria Richards in Marvel Legacy #1, with the latter feeling homesick for her native. The lack of Fantastic Four is being felt in Marvel Universe, with Moon Girl trying her very best to live up to Reed Richards’s legacy. The Thing seems to be doing his very best to keep Johnny Storm from self-destructing.

Fans now have 2 Miles Morales living in opposite universes. Miles does not know that his home dimension is recreated. It is the same for Jimmy Hudson also and the resurrected Ultimates.

Marvel’s Multiverse has been very fluid as compared to DC. But after Secret Wars, it has been a little more messy and unregulated.