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10 Marvel Super Villains Who Can Kill The DC’s Justice League

The villains of Marvel may not really have character depth like DC villains, but they are really powerful. And if not, they are way more powerful than most heroes in DC. Here are 10 Marvel villains who can destroy Justice League:

Emperor Doom

Doctor Doom is a magician and is intelligent. He surpassLex’s intellect easily. Using mystic knowledge and science, he can defeat the Justice League. He has control over time, so Batman, Wonder Woman, and Flash will easily lose.


Sups will go down with the mind control. Cyborg and Batman are nothing compared to him and Flash, Aquaman and Wonder Woman will be smashed with a finger snap.


He ca be called Marvel’s Superman and way, way, way stronger. With super strength and super speed, he has regenerative capabilities and this will allow him to defeat the Justice League easily.


He is a God of the Dark Dimension. Whenever Dormammu enters the real world, he creates havoc like never seen before, leaving everyone and everything in sight, destroyed.


Mephisto has been able to warped reality many times in the past. He has killed Peter and MJ’s marriage and is capable of much worse when it comes to the Justice League.


Sentry is filled with the power of hundred Suns. If Sentry does go all out, the Justice League stand no chance at all and will be dead.

 The Beyonder

The Beyonder will not just defeat the League, but he really will not do a lot on his own. The Beyonder will make the members of the Justice League fight each other.

Marvel villains


When Xavier and Magneto had become one, things became much worse. There will be no Frank Richards to save our Justice League heroes.


Thanos, in the past, has killed Gods and so, we can assume that Superman, Aquaman and Wonder Woman will stand no chance, against him.


Galactus can take down the Justice League except for Sups. But then again, Superman could hardly defeat Zo, and so he might be dead too.