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Kevin Feige Confirms That Thor’s Story Will Pick Up Where Ragnarok Ended

The excitement is just building up more and more for Infinity War and the movie is the most anticipated one of 2018. We have been getting information about this movie after the release of its trailer.

In an interview, Anthony Russo had been asked about who he wants to see on the big screen. And he said Thor’s story was what excited him the most. He had revealed that the character’s story will pick up from where Thor: Ragnarok had left off. This means that it will not start on a good note.

“I’m going to pick Thor because Thor, we’re picking up his story from the end of Thor: Ragnarok and at the end of that film as any fan would know his home planet of Asgard is destroyed, and so the character is in new territory so to speak, because his past has been torn away from him to a degree.“+

Related imageAnthony Russo had compared Thor’s situation to Captain America in Winter Soldier. He then mentioned both the characters have stories that get updated.

” From what we’ve seen in Ragnarok, Thor’s transformation has already begun, so it will be interesting to see where Infinity War decides to take his story.”

Russo explains.

I think it’s very similar to Captain America’s situation when we picked up his story in Winter Solider when Joe and I came on to do our first movie for Marvel. Cap was in a place where we were very much catching him up in the modern world and seeing what that meant to him, and figuring out how you move a character that far forward and that far away from where they started back during the 40s, so I think in Thor we have similar opportunities with that character in this movie is that he’s going through a radical transformation and he’s moving forward in a way where he can never go back, and that’s always a fun place to be with a character as a storyteller.”

A few new images from Infinity War had come up last week and it featured Thor being taken care of by the Guardians of the Galaxy. Thor is confused and looks like he had a battle with Thanos. Kevin Feige had promised his fans that intense brutality would be there from Thanos within the first 5 minutes of the movie. Loki may not make it out alive in this movie.

Thor will battle the Mad Titan and it now seems like that he might do this many times. We will just have to wait and see what happens.

Avengers: Infinity War will release on May 4th, 2018.