Did You Know That Batman and Gordon Have A Special New Year’s Tradition?


By now, all fans would know what Batman and Commissioner Jim Gordon are going to do. Gordon and Batman have a New Year’s tradition, according to The New Batman Adventures.
“Holiday Knights,” it’s very first episode had revealed their tradition.

After they spent New Year’s Eve keeping Gotham safe, Gordon then visits the tavern. Joe, the proprietor, clears the room. And the Batman comes in through the back door. Batman then sits down and has coffee with Gordon, a friend of his and an ally in the war.

Image result for batman new years eveGordon then turns to order a sandwich and, when he turns back, Batman had left after paying the bill. “Holiday Knights” has many vignettes of Batman family’s activities. This episode is an adaptation of 1995’s Batman Adventures Holiday Special comic book.

Paul Dini had written “Holiday Knights,” and Dan Riba had directed it. The episode had aired on September 13, 1997. It was a pilot episode of New Batman Adventures on Kids WB.