20 Epic Things You May Not Have Known About Cap’s Shield


Captain America is maybe the most iconic superheroes, and he is a symbol of justice. Other than the superpowers, the metal shield fascinates fans the most. It is made from vibranium, and adamantium and steel. It shield protects the wielder from kinetic energies and is the most powerful weapons. Here are a few things about this shield that you may not have known:

Hell of a Time!

Wakanda Has An Original Shield!

The Discus Shield!

Shield Has Been Gifted By President!

Cap Do Not Own The Shield!

He Returned The Shield To The Government!

The Shield Absorbs Energy!


Star-Spangled Avenger!

Bulletproof Plexiglass!

Mutual Respect!

Pure Adamantium!

Vibranium Cancer!

It is there in the 31st Century!

Future Imperfect!

Stephen Colbert was willed the Shield!

Replica Shield!

Shattered So Many Times!

Energy Shield!

Stark Made At Least Two Shields!

Incredibly Skilled!