A Brand New Sad Affleck Video Has Now Hit The Internet


A Sad Affleck meme has now come into existence from an interview of Justice League.

In this video, Affleck is next to Ray Fisher (Cyborg) as they are discussing the movie. It is not as fitting as the original Sad Affleck meme which had been taken from an interview where Henry Cavill had addressed the reviews for Dawn of Justice.

In this video, it seems like Affleck is thinking and just listening to what Fisher is saying and this gets paired with “I Need Some Sleep” by Eels.

It may not become a sensation like how the original Sad Affleck did but this a good meme.

Will Affleck’s role as The Dark Knight continue? We do not know. In spite of Affleck saying he is eager to continue this role, a few recent reports seem to claim that the actor will reprise his role of Bruce Wayne in Flashpoint.

Justice League is now playing in theaters.