Netflix’s ‘Bright’ Crosses 11 Million Viewers On Its Opening Weekend


Netflix’s main feature might have been a huge bomb with the critics, but Bright has pulled in 11 million viewers in the first three days.

It was called the worst movie of the year and this led to many conversations about the movie’s politics. In spite of the negative feedback, Netflix ordered a sequel.

The movie managed to pull in 7 million U.S. viewers over the next three days. While the numbers actually seem high, it is crucial to remember that they are just estimates. If the movie had been released in theaters, it may have hit $100 million on the opening weekend. Netflix’s service is much cheaper than buying tickets.

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This would have put Bright‘s debut much lower than Stranger Things Season 2. It averaged to about 15.8 million viewers. For a blockbuster that cost $100 million, Bright‘s viewership numbers are way less than the benchmark.

The movie has a 26% rating on Rotten Tomatoes (critics) and 89% (audience rating).

Directed by David Ayer from a script by Max Landis and starring Will Smith, Bright is now streaming on Netflix.