A New Concept Art Of Kingpin Shows Signature Look


The Kingpin will make a return in Daredevil season 3. A few new concept art works show what it may be if this show does adopt his comic style look.

Vincent D’Onofrio’s take on this character has been perfect. His impeccable style including many tailored suits, vests, and ties are spot on. This is the look that Wilson Fisk has in the comic books. And there, he is prone to a certain color, and the concept art by James Holland shows how this may look onscreen.

Holland made two looks. The very first one shows Kingpin’s white suit, black shirt and grey tie. This has made appearances throughout the years. It is close to what he wears on this show, without the white jacket and pants.


Kingpin is not prone to wearing white on Daredevil. He has stayed away from blending the white suit with purple which takes us to his second look. This is the one that fans will recognize. He wears a white suit with purple pants and shirt.

Daredevil has a 92.55 on ComicBook.com’s rankings. This show has a 4.26 out of 5 from 2235 users. This places it in the #3 spot in TV show rankings.

Daredevil will return for a season 3 but a release date has not been announced.