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Spider-Man #793: Spidey Has Gotten A Symbiote Once Again

Venom Inc. has been pretty much like a rollercoaster ride for Spider-Man, and now he gets yet another chance at a symbiote.

Spoilers incoming for The Amazing Spider-Man #793:

There are many venomized people walking around right now, but this now includes Spiderman himself in issue #793. The Venom symbiote had latched onto Peter Parker, but he does not reunite with this suit. It seems like Lee Price infected Spider-Man with his brand of symbiote. This is one that can be transferred and makes the host come under Price’s control.

This means that Price has the powers of Spiderman. Spidey will always oblige, and part of this plan includes stopping on the Daily Bugle and to ensure the bylines get Spiderman’s identity right. Spidey has no problem in going over the edge, but he is visited by Anti-Venom (Flash Thompson) and Mania before he does anything silly.

A battle takes place on the roof as Anti-Venom tries to free him from symbiote’s controls. This does not go as planned and it is not until Black Cat reached the site that Spiderman is freed from the symbiote. The Anti-Venom coated weapon dissolves symbiote to Venom’s disappointment. He arrives fully armed hoping for a fight from Spiderman.

The Amazing Spider-Man #793 is written by Dan Slott with art by Ryan Stegman, colors by Brian Reber, and letters by VC’s Joe Caramagna.