Saturday, July 4, 2020
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The Last Jedi’s Snoke Scene Has Now Been Recreated With Lego

The scene from The Last Jedi that featured Supreme Leader Snoke has now been recreated with LEGO. Though critics have praised The Last Jedi, it has split its fanbase.  A polarizing moment from this movie was the death of Snoke.

The Supreme Leader had been expected to take on an Emperor Palpatine-ish role.
Kylo Ren had filled in for Darth Vader and Snoke was positioned as the First Order’s baddie. There were many fan theories that were about this villain’s identity. But they all went downhill. After killing him, Kylo became the trilogy’s major villain.
Youtube user, Lego Man has recreated his/her  version of Kylo killing Snoke.  The fan used stop motion LEGOS and a few CG special effects.

This scene seems to be a shot for shot remake. It is great work, and after 2 days of being online, this video has almost 300,000 views.
Rian Johnson’s decision to kill Snoke was unexpected and controversial. Fans were  concerned about who Snoke was before the trilogy started.  While the offscreen material may actually provide a few clues for this, it is not really important is it? The First Order has a new Supreme Leader now.