Watch Kelly Marie Tran Audition for ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’!


Among the newest characters in the Star Wars franchise had to undertake a long journey before making a cinematic debut, and now Lucasfilm has shared a look at How Kelly Marie Tran was chosen to play Rose Tico.

The new featurette titled “Becoming Rose” shows a video based on her chemistry with co-star John Boyega, and depicting how she was chosen to play a role in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. You can check out the video above!

The clip shows Tran and Boyega reading the lines for Rose and Finn in the movie. While the dialog might not be exactly what they said in the final movie, it did give a good insight into the characters and their interaction with each other.

The scene then shifts to writer/director Rian Johnson in discussion with producer Ram Bergman about Tran’s audition and the director revealed that he was completely taken by her performance instantly.

“I really, really, really, really like Kelly,” Johnson is seen telling his collaborator. “She is like Rose stepped off [the page] for me. The character I had in my head when I was writing, it was like she showed up to read.”

The clip then moves to “one year later” and we see Tran in the costume shooting scenes with Boyega on the film’s set. The actor had completely adopted the character and discovered what is dear to Rose and what makes her click.

“Rose is not an amazing pilot or a Jedi,” Tran says. “She’s so strong in a different way, and I think that’s kind of how she holds her own.”

We saw in the movie that Rose held Finn in a very high esteem, as she had heard stories about the former Stormtrooper joining the First Order, battling Kylo Ren and being instrumental in the destruction of the Starkiller Base.

One of the many reasons why Kelly was right for the part was seeing her and John spark off of each other,” Johnson said.

You can check out Tran’s performance in her cinematic debut and her interaction with the character of Finn played by Jason Boyega in Star Wars: The Last Jedi playing in cinemas all over the world.