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Here’s A First Look At Set Photos From Avengers 4: Flashback Sequences Revealed

Avengers has seen Earth’s mightiest heroes fight against Loki and Chitauri as they tried to invade Earth. Avengers 2 saw Ultron, the Artificial Intelligence that was extracted from the Mind Infinity Stone. He rose up in arms against Tony Stark and the Avengers and almost destroyed them. Then comes Avengers 3. And Avengers 4 will see a culmination of all the events that are planned in MCU. Thanos and his Black Order will be setting foot into Earth to find the mythical stones.

So, what happens after Thanos is defeated? What is the next iteration of Avengers? And how will this story move forward?

Avengers 4 has been rumored to be based off Marvel’s Secret Invasion arc. There are rumors of Avengers: Infinity war being a 2 -part storyline – Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4.

But this story is not yet confirmed. This synopsis might be an enigma as of now, but we have news to brighten all Marvel fans.

Sebastian Stan plays Bucky Barnes and Winter Soldier. A former assassin, he is a good guy after the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Civil War. He is a crucial part of the MCU.

Sebastian Stan had taken to Instagram and shared a set photo for Avengers 4 that opens old wounds for Tony Stark and Captain America. The post seemed to be an attempt to make a pass at events of Captain America: Civil War and helped start the rumor mill.

The post was supposed to be a take at the Captain America: Civil War’s ‘December 16, 1991’ reference and has a background location that will make a comeback to MCU.

The photo shows what has not been in the Marvel movies. The last time we had seen the armors was in Iron Man 3 as they were picked off as the Mandarin’s forces tore the mansion. But these photos show Stan in front of an Armor Gallery with Tony’s Iron Man suits.

A logical conclusion is that this may be a Flashback Sequence.

This photo and background reveal that Bucky Barnes has a huge role in Tony’s life.

There were rumors that a certain Avengers 4 scene was set in World War 2. Yet another scene had shown The Wasp featuring a haircut which was similar to the one she had in the first Ant-Man movie.

Avengers 4So, maybe the Avengers may travel back in time, physically or metaphorically.

We will only know when the movie hits the big screen next year.