Wednesday, April 1, 2020
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Get Ready For A New Ride: Marvel Finally Announces Its New ‘Ghost Rider’ Series

Johnny Blaze is all set to ride back to Marvel.

On Tuesday, Christopher Sebela had taken to Twitter and broken the news. He had been working on the new Ghost Rider series for Marvel Comics. He is joined by Phil Noto.

Sebela’s book is called Damnation: Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider #1, but that seems to be the only detail that he had revealed. There is no public release date as of now, but the tweet came with a first look at Ghost Rider.“Oh hey,” Sebela wrote in the Tweet. “I guess I can tell you that I’m writing DAMNATION: JOHNNY BLAZE GHOST RIDER #1 and @philnoto is drawing it and life is weird.”

If you are a fan of Sebela, you may imagine the book to be a little twisted. The man that had lived at a haunted clown motel for almost a month has done some impactful and great work in horror comics. This makes him the perfect fit for Ghost Rider.

This marks the return of our favourite, Johnny Blaze. The Ghost Rider has not been a prominent character in Marvel Comics for quite some time. And Robbie Reyes is the main Ghost Rider in the comics before the Secret Wars event started in 2015.