Sunday, August 25, 2019
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Pitch Perfect’s Rebel Wilson Says That She Wants To Play The Role Of A Superhero

The Pitch Perfect 3 star, Rebel Wilson says that she wants to trade acapella for some action.

When she was asked by MTV if she wants to star in a superhero movie, she said that she would “definitely” be on board for the same.

“When I was watching Wonder Woman, I was like, ‘I could do that.’ Probably not Wonder Woman, because she is a specific type,” Wilson joked. “But yeah, some of the more comic relief roles, definitely. And also because like, I have some martial arts abilities, I’d really love to do something where I get to fight more.”


The finale of this famous singing trilogy shows Wilson return as Fat Amy and wields nunchucks and leaps from an exploding ship.

“People don’t know about [my] hidden martial arts talents, and yeah, I’d definitely like to do that,” Wilson said. “I’ve never done a superhero movie, which would be really cool.”

Wilson had cited Valiant’s Faith, a journalist and comics’ fan who can fly.

“Some people online say there’s a character called Faith, I forget which comic it’s from, that they’d like me to play,” Wilson answered when asked if she had a specific role in mind. “But I don’t know, just somebody who kicks ass.”

Faith Herbert is a sub-species of humans that has psychic and mind-based powers.

Wilson’s Pitch Perfect co-star, Hailee Steinfeld had also said that she would like to be a superhero and wants to play Batgirl.

Pitch Perfect 3 opens December 22.