Sunday, February 23, 2020
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Here’s Why We Think The Last Jedi Was Never Created For The Fans

Although most critics seem to have enjoyed Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the movie caused a huge divide among the fans. Many praise this movie for its different humor and surprises and a few others condemn the movie for the very same reasons.

Fans had referenced the original trilogy while arguing against this movie. And there seems to be a gap between that and the recent movies.

The original trilogy had become a favorite of the fans because it had brought in something fresh. Space opera had never been created before. The characters and tech had appealed to the general audience while its concept of the Force simply awed them.

Before there was Star Wars, there was not much spectacle in the filmmaking field, but George Lucas had a different approach to special effects, and this changed it all. Their technical achievements made this trilogy worthy of all its praise and recognition.

The narrative of this trilogy was just so unique. Before A New Hope, the movies never focused on concepts and elements like the Force.

The prequels had undone all of this. The mysticism around the Force had been overshadowed by galactic politics and drama. While the older fans may agree that the prequels were not made very well, the younger fans have embraced them.

The prequels brought much more humor into this franchise. Beyond sarcasm, irony and slapstick were used as well. This was used much more conservatively in the originals. It is pretty undeniable that while they were not critically successful, the prequels were very unique.

Fans will see that this difference in opinion might be a generational issue. The younger fans appreciated the new droids and the more contemporary humor. It is clearly a reflection of the changes in the mind-set that have happened over 40 years.