Wednesday, April 1, 2020
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Director Of Logan Speaks Out About The Disney/Fox Deal

Logan’s director, James Mangold has recently clarified that it is not the state of comic book movies that he is worried about after the Disney-Fox deal, but on how it is set to impact the original movies that will be made in Hollywood.

Mangold questioned how innovative the stories will be after this merger for those outside the comic arena.

He had tweeted: “Guys. I’m not even slightly worried about the future of XMEN movies. There’s many talented folks to make those. I am worried about a further scarcity of films that aren’t comic adaptations and sequels. I’m worried about the ever increasing scarcity of original theatrical films.”

Since this deal has been announced, Mangold had been hounded for his views. He was asked how it would impact R-rated comic adaptations. He hopes that Disney will not alter the essence of all its R-rated characters.

“The real thing that happens when you make a movie rated R, behind the scenes, is that the studio has to adjust to the reality that there will be no Happy Meals. There will be no action figures,” Mangold said.

“The entire merchandising, cross-pollinating side of selling the movie to children is dead before you even start. And when that’s dead, it means you’re making a grown-up movie.”