The Last Jedi Spoiler Alert: Carrie Fisher’s Final Performance Was Flawless


After a long wait, Star Wars: The Last Jedi has hit the theaters and has given fans their final look at Carrie Fisher (Leia Organa).  Her performance was just great. Fisher’s role earns a lot of attention and not just because it is her final role but because her character is commanding and witty and shows us more of Carrie Fisher.

The Last Jedi shows us a side of Leia that we have never seen before.

Carrie Fisher originated this iconic role in 1977 and had died last December. In her final appearance, she delivers a great and solid performance. Though her role is bigger in The Last Jedi, she is kept on the sidelines. And yet, she stole every scene that she had. She shares a very heartfelt moment with Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker).

The matriarch of the Resistance is the heart of this movie. The scene of Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill is a very emotional one, and her emotions at the sight of her brother are hard to put into writing. Though this scene is short, it is very powerful and shows that Fisher and Hamill were almost related. Her scenes with Laura Dern are pretty short, and they leave you wondering what could have been with these powerful women leading the Resistance.

One of the scenes has been pretty controversial. Leia is sucked into space when TIE Fighters blast through. Leia floats in space and left many to believe that she was dead. She then uses Force powers (first time seen in Star Wars) and glides back into the ship. The sight of Leia flying is odd, but it was highlighted in a non-dramatic way by Fisher.

The movie is a fitting tribute to Carrie Fisher. She was not oblivious to what this character meant to her fans. Her performance highlights this feeling. The Last Jedi is very emotional because Carrie Fisher is no longer with the world. Her performance stands on and leaves the weight that she was supposed to be the major focus in Episode IX and it is not clear how J.J. Abrams will address Fisher’s death.