What Does The Deal Between The Mouse And Fox Mean For Firefly?


The Walt Disney Company had recently made history with the $55 million deal with 21st Century Fox. Fans are slowly coming to terms with this deal and its impact on pop culture.

But a few of Fox’s other asset may be impacted as well. This includes the TV series, Firefly.

As Firefly fans would know, Fox’s series had been canceled after season 1 in 2002. But it lived on in the 2005 movie Serenity. In the 12-or-so years since then, the fans have wondered what is next for this series, although Fox did not seem to have a plan for a reunion.

Disney will now own Firefly’s rights and we wonder if a continuation is on the cards. Disney has many Firefly alums on the roster since the show had premiered. And the creator, Joss Whedon may be willing to come back for a revival.

If this is the case, what continuation will Firefly see? Will a Serenity sequel join Disney’s movie slate?

We can only wait and see.