3 Characters And Actors Who Are Rumored To Make A Return In Willow 2


“Willow” is the best George Lucas & Ron Howard movies without a doubt and it also comes on the top list of “Swords and Magic” genre. The best part of this is that Disney will make a Sequel to Willow.

Ron Howard will come back to helm the movie as the director. In his previous Reddit Q & A session, he had said that he was interested in doing a sequel. But Disney was focussing on expanding the Star Wars franchise, so the chances of a Willow sequel was slim. In a very recent interview with Hollywood Reporter, he has said that he is working on the script and plans on bringing back the actors.

It had been emphasized that it will be “Willow 2” and not a reboot.

Here are the actors who are being rumored to return for the sequel:

1. Val Kilmer As Madmartigan

2. Warwick Davis

3. Joanne Whalley As Sorsha