OMG! The Simpsons Had Predicted The Disney-Fox Acquisition In 1998


Disney has now officially bought most of Fox’s assets, and this will bring about big changes in the entertainment field. Disney purchased 21st Century Fox except for the news and sports sections in the $52.4 billion deal.

What is surprising is that The Simpsons had predicted this in 1998.

Over the 30-year run of the show, this series predicted a few events that happened in real-life. Donald Trump’s presidency,  Lady Gaga’s performance at the Super Bowl, Siegfried and Roy’s tiger attack and now, this entertainment story.

Darren Rovell of ESPN pointed this out on Twitter, from the episode, “When You Dish Upon a Star.”

“Disney announces it has reached a deal to acquire 21st Century Fox, as predicted by a Simpsons episode that first aired on November 8, 1998.”

In this episode, Ron Howard goes to Fox studios to pitch an idea to Brian Grazer. On the Fox studio lot, there is a sign that says “A Division of Walt Disney Co.”

In 1998, it was nothing but a joke. But now it has become a reality. Disney is the world’s most famous and powerful studio.

Disney was a big entertainment brand and in 1998, Disney had not even started making acquisitions. The Mouse House then purchased Pixar, ESPN, Lucasfilm, and Marvel. With the purchase of Fox, Disney will have control over X-Men, Alien, Die Hard Avatar, and The Simpsons franchises.

How did The Simpsons predict this merger before Disney had even started buying franchises? This is not the first thing that they put on the air that has came to pass.

So now that the deal is done, there are many questions.

What will happen to Simpsons? Will this sitcom be under Disney? Does this show fit with Disney’s plans?