Wednesday, June 26, 2019
Home Geeks A Hyperkin Employee Just Leaked A Nintendo 64 Mini Prototype

A Hyperkin Employee Just Leaked A Nintendo 64 Mini Prototype

The team over at Hyperkin have made many retro related products, but it seems like it may be considering moving to the handheld market. A very interesting post now hints at the future it envisions.

Senior account manager at Hyperkin, Ramon Navos-Moral had posted a photo on Facebook and showed a new prototype that is making rounds over at Hyperkin. This is a portable Nintendo 64 system, and it features a screen which is built into the controller.

The post which has now been taken down read:

“I took a picture of an N64 handheld prototype at the R&D department not with the intentions of leaking it…but they shouldn’t trust me, though,” he noted. “I just want them to hurry up. (Design is not final.) I call it Social Media Pressure. They said it’s #38 on their priority list…they don’t know what they’re missing!!! N64 is life thoughhhh. It’s either they trust me, or I get fired. Good thing they forgot the NDA on this one. I guess they’re really busy. #MindBlown”

While this unit looks pretty legitimate, we can question if it exists. Ramon’s post does not seem like anything that would come from an accounts manager. And why would he post a picture of the latest system which is not revealed to the public and risk getting fired?

According to Nintendo Life, action has been taken against this employee for distributing the internal R&D projects. It confirmed that this prototype was a work in progress, but there is no timetable or so for its production.

Well, do not worry, we will keep you updated if this product is officially announced.