Here’s Why Sony Should Make A ‘She-Ra’ Movie Before ‘He-Man’


News had broken out that Sony was eying David Goyer to helm the alleged Masters of the Universe reboot, which is slated for December 2019.  Goyer is better respected as a writer than as a director and will inspire very less excitement from any fanbase.

But we have seen a He-Man movie before, and it is time to make a She-Ra movie.

Aside from the 1987 Masters of the Universe movie, we have had many movies like Krull, Thor, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, and Gods of Egypt. Some of them have performed extremely well, and some of them flopped.

She-Ra, the character, and the original animated show, is as trailblazing in 2017 as it was in 1987. But the animated He-Man spin-off, regarding He-Man’s long-lost sister and her attempts to free Etheria, remains a rare specimen though. The difference was that Hordak had won and was the ruler, while He-Man and friends were in charge of Eternia and beating Skeletor’s attempts to rule.

She-Ra is a timely property, and many episodes of the show have aged well with regard to living with dignity in an autocracy and making a great moral choice in an immoral situation.

In 2017, the idea of a warrior princess fighting alongside her companions will stand out, like how CW’s Supergirl stands out for its emphasis on female friendship and empowerment. And there is little doubt that a She-Ra movie with the production values and an appropriate financial commitment, will be a bigger deal than just a He-Man movie. It may be an event movie for fans and for those who want to see more fighting women warriors onscreen.

So instead of making fans sit through a He-Man story and get a credit cookie which hints at the Princess of Power, they should try their hand at She-Ra movie.

They should make this movie, as opposed to a warmed-over origin story. But yes, it is possible to make a satisfying origin story movie. The key, as seen in Batman Begins and Star Trek is in spending half of the running time giving audiences fully formed characters. It is the difference between Spider-Man and Fantastic Four. So, if they are going to do a He-Man origin movie, they have to ensure that Prince Adam is kicking butt as He-Man by the end of the first hour. But if Sony wants something special, they should not wait for the sequel to give the fans a She-Ra movie. They must go for it, with or without He-Man and let that be the thing that sets the nostalgia-driven IP cash-in apart from the rest.