Aquaman Defends ‘Justice League’ Against The Negative Critics


After a decade in the making, Justice League has made it to the big screens and at least one Justice League actor is not paying attention to the ratings.

The Zack Snyder-directed movie received a whole lot of mixed reviews from the critics and has a 40-percent “rotten” on review Rotten Tomatoes. Justice League had opened to $94 million, putting it way behind the initial industry projections of a $100 million — $120 million.

It is a huge disappointment for studio Warner Bros., but Jason Momoa, (Aquaman) stands by the movie.

“I try to stay the f— away from what people say,” Momoa told EW. “Some of my friends said, ‘Justice League isn’t doing well’ and it kind of bummed me out. But I didn’t want to look it up. I don’t want to look up the bad and the negativity. I don’t think that’s useful; it doesn’t help.”

The Game of Thrones alum credits original director Zack Snyder for forging Aquaman into a more serious character, one who Momoa said was inspired by the water gods of his people, including Kanaloa, Tagaloa, and Maui.

“I’ve seen [Justice League] twice. I loved it the second time even more. I’m actually going to watch it again with my kids and my godchild. I’m going to see it with the perfect crowd of people — a regular crowd instead of at a premiere. So I’m excited. You can’t get into the whole ‘why this, why that.’ I went to [Wizard World Austin fan convention] this weekend and got great praise. Now obviously, that’s a positive place, and I’m not only interested in the positive. But if people love what we did with Aquaman, it’s all [Zack Snyder] — it’s his brainchild. He came in with, ‘I’m going to make Aquaman a badass and I’m going to change stuff, and change the myths about this guy.’ And I busted my ass.”

Momoa will be reprising his role in next year’s Aquaman, which will revolve around Aquaman as a reluctant ruler of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis. He will be caught between land dwellers that are polluting the globe and his people who are ready to invade the surface.

Aquaman stars Momoa with Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman, Patrick Wilson, and Dolph Lundgren.

Justice League is now playing.