10 Reasons Why Justice League Is Mightier Than The Avengers!


The Avengers became popular only after their first live-action film released in the theaters via Marvel Cinematic Universe. Prior to that, the only group of Superheroes that existed was the Justice League brought forward by animated TV series and various animation films released by Warner Bros. Here we list some reasons which prove why Justice League is superior and stronger than the Avengers.

1. Darker Origins

The heroes such as Superman, Batman, Cyborg and various other Justice League members became superheroes only when they faced severe tragedies while the Avengers such as Captain America and Spiderman were simply gifted their powers. Darker origins might not make them superior, but, it makes the Justice League guys more believable and deeper.

2. Defined Hierarchy

Justice League has a well-defined leadership, and there are no conflicts. They are way more organized than the Avengers. While the Avengers understand each other’s abilities and work in tandem, they get overshadowed by the Justice League’s team approach to any battle. Avengers are always arguing, and we saw how Civil War briefly ripped the team apart.

3. Powerful Fighters

Avengers are mighty as a team, however, if you take Hulk and Thor out of the equation then there is not much formidability left. Avengers don’t have enough mighty fighters to compete with Justice League which barring Batman has all hard hitters and even Batman is no pushover by any means.

4. Aquaman’s Kingdom

Aquaman is one of the mightiest Justice League members. He can swim at ultrasonic speeds and can summon the whole marine life. He would be a big challenge to the Avengers as he rules over nearly 70% of the planet’s area. He is not powerless overground either as his trident can summon thunder and lightning just like Thor’s Mjolnir.

5. Batman Is Smarter Than Captain America

Captain America and Batman look identical on paper. Both are strong humans, and while Captain Rogers has enhanced strength and the shield, Batman always knows how to exploit his rival’s weaknesses and with adequate preparation he can beat all the Avengers on his own.

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