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Who Are The 6 X-Men Characters Who Can Beat Goku In Battle?

If there is any superhero who can outrun a speeding bullet, has more strength than a locomotive and can destroy god-like villains by his Spirit Bombs then it is none other than the Goku from the Dragon ball franchise. The iconic Saiyan fighter is among the mightiest imaginary characters around and has an incredible power set which comprises of super speed, super strength, flight and insane energy blasts.

Goku has defeated villains who prevailed over the greatest warriors of the universe. He defeated androids, genetically modified creatures and even beat the guys who are committed to solely defeating him. Goku has won against them all.

His fascinating powers are at par with the best of the comic book world. However, there are some characters who might actually prove to be too much for the Saiyan. We believe that some of the most powerful heroes and villains belong to Marvel’s X-Men comics and a few of those could indeed beat Goku. Let’s have a look at some X-Men who could toy with Goku in the battlefield.

1. Professor Xavier

This is the easier one. Goku is extremely quick and can teleport, but, only upon serious concentration. Even before he would start thinking about an assault, Charles Xavier would shut him down with his telepathic strike. Xavier can even possess Goku’s body and shut his mind down before the Saiyan would understand what was going on. Although the good professor is a pacifist, he is extremely capable.

During the Marvel Comics Avengers vs. X-Men series, Xavier was accused of manipulating Cyclops’s head to control him. While it was an easy thing for Xavier, Scott was in fact manipulated by the omnipotent Phoenix Force. However, Xavier still managed to contain him.

True that Xavier was murdered by Cyclops after that, but, what matters is that Xavier managed to control a force strong enough to destroy planets.

2. Iceman

The name Iceman makes people imagine that he would be someone capable of making ice, however, that’s just a basic idea of his powers. Iceman is an Omega Level mutant and is among the most powerful in the X-Men universe.

He can freeze himself and create ice missiles, and he can also freeze the blood in your veins. That’s all he needs to do to Goku, and the fight will be finished. Also even when he is in the ice form, he can still regenerate himself using the moisture in the air or the fluids from someone else’s body, and he has done it in the past.

He has the power to freeze the entire planet. Thus, freezing Goku’s innards would be an easy task for Iceman.

3. Proteus

Proteus is one of those rare bad guys who has never lost a fight. How do you even beat someone who can alter the reality around him? Even the X-Men couldn’t sort him out during their first fight. X-Men have never before or after that fight, faced off with someone who could so simply make their powers ineffective.

Fortunately for X-Men, he didn’t get an opportunity to further manifest his powers. Proteus ultimately became so adept with his powers that during the Exiles series by Marvel, he was able to travel from one dimension to another. Proteus’s only weakness is his hubris.  However, as soon as Goku would be within the range of his powers, the battle would be over. The deadly Kamehameha of Goku could simply become a bunch of flowers against this evil mutant. We are not even talking about what he could do to Goku’s body.

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