20 Superheroes Who Could Destroy The Earth If They Adopted The Dark Side!


There are many superheroes who are powerful, but because of who they are, these heroes are loved and respected by fans. Here are some of the superheroes, who may not be the most physically powerful, but if they do turn evil, they can destroy the world.

1. Ant-Man

If Ant-Man were to become a villain, it would be impossible for someone to detect him. He can create a lot of damage. No one would see him coming, and by the time they notice, he would have done the damage.

2. Batman

Batman is a dark character and is one bad day away from becoming the Bad guy. If he crosses the thin line, then God help anyone who crosses his path, because if he puts his will into destroying mankind, he can and will. He will be unstoppable if he turns evil.

3. Scarlet Witch

We just saw a glimpse of what Wanda can do when she is on the dark side in Age of Ultron. She came to her senses when she saw what Ultron had in mind for the inhabitants of the earth. But if she decides to wage war, there is no stopping her. She can make people fight against each other and will not have to do much of the fighting.

4. Cyborg

The son of Doctor Silas Stone, when he came in contact with an alien, is left mortally wounded. The situation resulted in his father using the powers of the mother box to save his life, and this gives him an enhanced vision, super-strength, durability, and cybernetic powers. He can get into the internet world and create chaos.

5. Captain America

Captain America was announced as an agent of HYDRA. This is a great shock to all the Marvel fans, telling people that Cap is and has been a HYDRA agent and is also a Nazi. Fans are enraged by the decision. The hero was siding with the bad guys and his team had no idea. Now that he is on the dark side, fans are more engaged than scared.

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