Why Marvel Had To Change The Way The Avengers Looked?


We all love comic books! Comic books are larger than life with characters that can do impossible things and worlds that are vastly different from anything that we see around us. They have fantastic technology, lifestyles, and everything is so cool about them. With the evolution of cinema, we have seen various movie studios try and recreate a lot of comic book characters and stories on the big screen. While it is always fascinating to see your favorite comic books superhero emerge on the cinema screen in a live-action form, the process that goes into converting the comic book characters into reality is extremely complex and fraught with challenges. The comic books are all about artist’s imagination, and you can simply do anything with creativity, but, there are challenges and limitations when you embark to recreate the same imagination on the big screen. When it comes to Marvel Cinematic Universe, they have done a lot of fantastic redesigning of some long-term legendary characters.

Those fans who have been around for a long time are aware of the various alterations and how they discarded various things such as a winged hat worn by Captain America and the … everything of Scarlet Witch and they had some really compelling reasons to make those changes. What was the compulsion? The word ‘Realism.’ The Avengers will make a far greater impact if they are shown to be realistic characters who could always be a part of a debate panel on the evening news. However, it will be extremely difficult if we try to replicate their bright and colorful comic book personalities faithfully on the cinema screen in the form of real, living and breathing characters. Yet, the efforts that Marvel made have been totally worth it. Have a look!

1. Hawkeye

2. Captain America

3. Thor

4. Ant-Man

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