Ten Reasons Which Make Marvel’s Quicksilver Better Than DC’s The Flash!


1. Quicksilver’s Powers Might Be The Outcome Of Time Manipulation!

Back in 1997, Quicksilver came across Nestor, who was his own alternate version. Nestor told Quicksilver that his powers are nothing but a kind of time-manipulation. Writers didn’t recall this for some time until Quicksilver got exposed to Terrigen Mists which temporarily gave him time-manipulation powers.

2. Quicksilver Is Able To Outrun Lightning Bolts And Run Across Oceans

Quicksilver is capable of outrunning Thor’s lightning bolts. He is so fast that his feet simply skim the water’s surface when he runs on oceans.

3. Writer Peter David Calls Quicksilver’s Arrogance To Be A Side-Effect Of His Power!

Peter David had said that Quicksilver is akin to someone waiting in a queue behind an old lady with 20 packages and keen to know every possible option to send them to Africa. Quicksilver is much faster than anything that ever lived on Earth, and it obviously makes him grumpy.

4. Quicksilver Debuted As A Member Of Magneto’s Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants!

Quicksilver had debuted in X-Men #4 alongside his sister Scarlet Witch. They were a part of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants headed by Magneto! Quicksilver revealed the relationship he shared with Scarlet Witch.

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