The Real Reason DC Changed How Its Heroes Looked


It is never easy to recreate a costumed comic book character on the cinema screen, irrespective of who it is. If we maintain the originality, then the character might look absurd, or if we redo the ensemble and add a few things, then it might annoy the fans. There is a long list of iconic characters, and DC Comics has faced this dilemma several times during making the films as well as TV shows based on their characters. The truth is that there are many reasons which compel DC to change the appearance of its characters.

1. Superman

Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder wanted to create a Superman that was not just realistic, but, unforgettable when they worked to develop Henry Cavill’s on-screen character. The outcome was a textured armor, a bold logo and no red underwear on top of the costume. We agree that Cavill would have looked legendary in the old suit and nobody would have criticized the blue and red colors or the outdated hairstyle. However, by bucking the trend, the DCEU version of Superman has come out as a fresh entity, and that’s a great way to start a franchise.

2. Aquaman

It might be politically incorrect, but, the only way to describe the typical Aquaman appearance is to say that he looked like a huge underwater idiot dressed in an orange shirt, green pants and gloves with a big yellow belt display ‘A.’ Even his hair looks absolutely weird. There was no way that such an appearance would have won over the hearts of DCEU fans. Therefore, it is good that Warner Bros. designers created the new Aquaman as someone who looks like an Atlantean buster who is ready to stab a swordfish in the face of an enemy. We just hope he actually does that in the Aquaman film!

3. Hawkman

The original comic book design gives you the impression that it was haphazardly drawn in a hurry without any concept by simply merging two words ‘Hawk’ and ‘Man.’

When Smallville made the live-action Hawkman, they tried to stay true to the comic book design, but, smartly gave him some armor to protect against any eventuality. The character gave a rollicking start to the CW’s Legends of Tomorrow series, and now they have given him a look which is smart and meaner than what we see in the comics.

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