Here Are Your Favourite Superheroes’ Stunt Doubles


Unlike our favorite comic book characters, the stories of silver screen superheroes involve a lot more. While these actors do get paid to look the part, it is the stunt doubles who take the hits, falls and the rubber bullets and all this, without any glory. Let us go behind the scenes and highlight some of the brave performers who toil in the shadows:

1. William Spencer is Spider-Man

Spencer had spent some years picking up spare paychecks doing stunt work for Jonah Hex and Project X and he did not make it to his Spider-Man audition. Ultimately, the filmmakers could not find what they were looking for and had looped back around to Spencer. He was Andrew Garfield’s double for the 2 web-crawling movies and launched a new career in Hollywood.

2. Ingrid Kleinig is Harley Quinn

Ingrid Kleinig said that her brother used to take her on motocross jumps when she was just a baby. Margot Robbie and her became friends while tag-teaming the stunts for Harley Quinn.

3. Albert Valladares is Superman

On Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Valladares had split his time to double as Superman and The Dark Knight.

4. Mike Runyard is Hank Pym

Runyard beat Douglas to MCU, having worked on the first Iron Man movie. When it was time for Douglas to bring the Ant-Man, Hank Pym, to life, he knew who he wanted.

5. Manny Perry is the Hulk

Perry found a place at the top of the bodybuilding world and winning the titles for Mr. America, Mr. USA, and even Mr. World. He then made the transition into stunt performing starting with the role in The Incredible Hulk.

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